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Artist Statement

Tom White at Potters Wheel in Tom White Pottery StudioI feel fortunate that after 35 years, I’m still passionate about making pots. I anticipate the excitement each new firing brings – always revealing so much new information. New surfaces, new colors – the "I’ve never seen that before!" experience. I find myself thinking about new pots while going to sleep. And I’m always anxious to take the 44 yard commute to the studio, coffee in hand, German Shorthaired Pointers at side, to turn those new ideas into pots.

When realizing those new pots at the wheel, I find myself planning the glaze and their placement in the kiln, in an effort to replicate the perfect pot of my mind’s eye. Although upon unloading, I’ll usually find pieces far more exciting than I could have imagined. I’m often thankful not to get what I’ve wanted – the surprising result often exceeds the imaginary. What a wonderful material.

My focus has always been on function; Pots that are a joy to use, pots that give the user both comfort and mystery, pots that are enjoyed like an old friend and yet bring new discoveries with daily use. One might find a certain area of the glaze previously undiscovered or a small finger print at the base of a handle. I often wonder where my pots will go and how they’ll be used, and hope those using them will get as much enjoyment from them as I did on the day I made them.

Photos of Wood Fired Kiln, German Short Haired Pointers, Dwelling Jars by Tom White and Studio Entrance Photo