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Penland Summer 2011

Penland Summer 2011




Penland School of Crafts, Tom White's Throwing Intensive, Session 6, August 14-26, 2011


If your on this page, I hope it’s because your thinking of joining me this summer at Penland – Session 6, August 14 – 26,  2011.

As listed, I’m planning a “Throwing Intensive”.

O.K. What’s That?
It’s a lot of Pots in a short amount of time. I plan to throw a number of different forms; teapots, pitchers, jars, vases, plates etc. Then decorate and finish them by carving, faceting, slipped surfaces and more. I’ll cover spouts, handles and different styles of lids. We’ll alter pots doing ovals and rockers. I hope to give you more than you can use the two weeks we’re there, so you’ll have a lot to think about and try when you get back to your own wheels. If time allows, I’ve lined up a couple of studio potter friends to do a guest demo.

I’m directing the work toward cone 10 soda firings. So we’ll be using kaolin flashing slips with glazes. The gallery pages on my site will give you an idea of some of the things we’ll do.

I suggest you bring your favorite throwing tools. I don’t use anything out of the ordinary when throwing; sponge, pin tool, wooden ribs. I carve with a number of tools and I love my cheese cutters.

So if you decide to come … bring your passion and energy and don’t forget a notebook and I’ll see you next summer.


UPDATE | 3/14/2011

In the hopes of kicking it up a notch

I will bring in Brad Berkhimer
as a teaching assistant. Brad is a talented young studio potter from Virginia who will share his experience studying in Jingdezhen China.

Guest Potters:
I have Tom Turner, Porcelain Guru


Michael Kline

who will be coming in for one day guest demos.


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